Post Graduate Psychiatric Nursing Capstone Certificate

Welcome to the UW–Madison School of Nursing Post Graduate Psychiatric Nursing Capstone Certificate Program website. We share your passion for providing quality mental health care, and we hope you’ll consider applying to this unique post graduate experience.

Our state and our nation are experiencing growing needs for psychiatric mental health services and there is a shortage of psychiatric providers. We built this program to educate master’s prepared nurses seeking to expand their professional role and specialize in mental health care across the lifespan.

Who Should Apply

Nurses who are interested in providing specialized mental health care for rural populations, underserved populations, primary care patients, or persons living with severe mental illness are encouraged to apply. This program is designed for master’s prepared nurses who have completed the 3Ps (Advanced Assessment, Advanced Pharmacology, and Advanced Pathophysiology) and who would like to expand their practice to become a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

What Our Program Does

This rigorous program offers three semesters of graduate-level foundational and clinical courses. These courses cover the assessment and management of common mental health conditions, as well as the complex care needs of persons living with serious mental illness. Students study current issues in psychiatric nursing with an emphasis on evidence based care.

Clinical course work is directed by clinical professors in collaboration with expert preceptors. Students complete 500 clock hours of clinical practice hours.

To Learn More about Our Post Graduate Psychiatric Nursing Program

Best wishes as you explore post graduate education!

Gina M. Bryan, DNP
Clinical Assistant Professor and Director
Post Graduate Psychiatric Nursing Capstone Program