Kristine Kwekkeboom

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Alternate Office
3138 - Research
(608) 263-5168

PhD, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Nursing
MS, University of Wisconsin–Madison; Nursing
BS, University of Wisconsin–Madison; Nursing

Kristine Kwekkeboom studies complementary (non–drug) therapies for symptom management in persons with cancer. Professor Kwekkeboom's current work involves two areas of focus: 1) understanding individual difference variables that influence the effects of specific non–drug therapies, and 2) research on a patient–centered delivery system that allows individuals to select and self–administer non–drug therapies as needed to manage their symptoms.

Representative Publications

Bratzke, L., Muehrer, R., Kehl, K., Lee, K. S., Ward, E. & Kwekkeboom, K. L. (2015). Self-management priority setting and decision-making in adults with multimorbidity: An integrative review of literature. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 52, 744-755.

Chen, C., Kwekkeboom, K. L., & Ward, S. E. (2015). Self-report pain and symptom measures for primary dysmenorrhea: A critical review. European Journal of Pain, 19, 377-391.

Zhang, Y., Petrini, M., & Kwekkeboom, K. (2014). Uncertainty, self-efficacy, and self-care behavior in patients with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy in China. Cancer Nursing. doi: 10.1097/NCC.0000000000000165. [Epub ahead of print]

Kiger, T., Arnesault Knudsen, E., Curran, W., Hunter, J., Schaub, A., Williams, M. J., Zechel, J., & Kwekkeboom, K. (2014). Survey of heat use during peripheral IV insertion by healthcare workers. Journal of Infusion Nursing, 37(6), 433-440.

Kwekkeboom, K. L. (2014). Overview and tips for successful grant writing for infusion nurses. Journal of Infusion Nursing, 37, 371-378.

Kwekkeboom, K. L., Abbott-Anderson, K. Cherwin, C., Roiland, R., Serlin, R. C., & Ward, S. E. (2012). Pilot randomized controlled trial of a patient-controlled cognitive-behavioral intervention for the pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance symptom cluster in cancer. Journal of Pain & Symptom Management, 44, 810-822.

Abbott Anderson, K. & Kwekkeboom, K. (2012). A systematic review of sexual concerns reported by gynecological cancer survivors. Gynecologic Oncology, 124, 477-489.

Kwekkeboom, K. L., Anderson, K., & Wanta, B. (2010). Feasibility of a patient-controlled cognitive-behavioral intervention for pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbance in cancer. Oncology Nursing Forum, 37, E151-159.

Kwekkeboom, K. L., Cherwin, C. H., Lee, J. W., & Wanta, B. (2010). Mind-body treatments for the pain-fatigue-sleep disturbance symptom cluster in persons with cancer.  Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 39, 126-138.

Kwekkeboom, K.L., Dendaas, N.R., Straub, M., & Bradley, K.A. (2009).  Patterns of pain and distress during high dose rate intracavitary brachytherapy for cervical cancer.  Journal of Supportive Oncology 7, 108-114.

Kwekkeboom, K.L., Wanta, B., & Bumpus, M. (2008).  Individual difference variables and the effects of progressive muscle relaxation and analgesic imagery interventions on cancer pain. Journal of Pain & Symptom Management, 36, 604-615.

Kwekkeboom, K.L., Hau, H., Wanta, B., & Bumpus, M. (2008).  Patients' perceptions of the effectiveness of guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation interventions used for cancer pain. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 14, 185-194.

Kwekkeboom, K.L., Bumpus, M., Wanta, B. & Serlin, R.C. (2008). Oncology nurses' use of nondrug pain interventions in practice. Journal of Pain & Symptom Management, 35, 83-94.

Selected Awards and Honors

Midwest Nursing Research Society, Pain and Sympton Management Research Section, Advancing the Science of Nursing Award, 2009
Onncology Nursing Society, New Investigator Award, 2005
University of Iowa College of Nursing, Strategic Initiative Award, 2003
University of Iowa Health Care, Above and Beyond Award, 2002