Roger L. Brown

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Professor (CHS)
(608) 263-5281


PhD, University of Wisconsin; Educational Research Methods & Statistics
Post–Doc, University of Wisconsin
Post–Doc, University of London
MS, University of Wisconsin; Behavioral Measurements
BS, University of Wisconsin; Behavioral Psychology

Roger Brown's research involves studying model estimation bias in clinical and health sciences research.

Practice Areas

Clinical trials development

Teaching Areas

Statistics; biostatistics; research methods and design

Representative Publications

An, P. G., Rabatin, J. S., Manwell, L. B., Linzer, M., Brown, R. L., & Schwartz, M. D. (2009). Burden of difficult encounters in primary care: Data From the minimizing error, maximizing outcomes study. Archives of Internal Medicine, 169(4), 410–414.

Barrett, B., Brown, R. L., & Mundt, M. (2008). Comparison of anchor-based and distributional approaches in estimating important difference in common cold. Quality of Life Research, 17, 75–85.

Chang, M., Brown, R. L., Baumann, L. J., & Nitzke, S. A. (2008). Self-efficacy and dietary fat reduction behaviors in obese African-American and White mothers. Obesity, (Feb.), 21.

Wiltshire, J., Cronin, K., Sarto, G., & Brown, R. L. (2006). Self-advocacy during the medical encounter: Use of health information and racial/ethnic differences. Medical Care, 44(2), 100–109.

Barrett, B., Brown, R. L., Mundt, M., Dye, L., Alt, J., Safdar, N., & Maberry, R. (2005). Using benefit harm tradeoffs to estimate sufficiently important difference: The case of the common cold. Medical Decision Making, (Jan-Feb), 47–55.

Pridham, K., Brown, R. L., Clar, R., Limbo, R., Schroeder, M., Henriques, J., & Bohne, E. (2005). Effect of guided participation on feeding competencies of mothers and their premature infants. Research in Nursing & Health, 28, 252–267.

Brown, R. L. (1997). Assessing specific mediational effects in complex theoretical models. Structural Equation Modeling, 4(2), 142–156.

Brown, R. L., Baumann, L., & Cameron, L. (1996). A cautionary note regarding the use of single-level regression analyses of intervention studies with hierarchically structured data. Nursing Research, 45(6), 359–362.

Brown, R. L. (1994). The efficacy of the indirect approach for estimating structural equation models with missing data: A comparison of five methods. Structural Equation Modeling, 1(4), 287–316.

Selected Presentations

Duffy, B. L., Manwell, L. B., Brown, R. L., & Mark Linzer., M. (2009, May). Work life and work control in academic primary care physicians: Differences with the private sector. Presentation at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine, Miami, FL. (download PDF, 211 KB)

Vila, P., Linzer, M., Manwell, L. B., Albanese, M. A., Brown, R. L., & Williams, E. (2009, May). Predicting errors in primary care. Presentation at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine, Miami, FL (download PDF, 57 MB).

Selected Awards and Honors

Awardee, Frank J. McDevitt Excellence in Research Award for Health Services, Policy and Clinical Care, 2007

Awardee, Population Health Sciences, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Outstanding Peer-Reviewed Published Paper Award, 2007