Nurses for Wisconsin Initiative

The School of Nursing is pleased to partner with the UW System nursing schools for the Nurses for Wisconsin Initiative. Through this initiative the School of Nursing is offering fellowship and loan forgiveness programs to encourage nurses to pursue doctoral degrees or postdoctoral training and assume nurse educator positions in Wisconsin.

  • Predoctoral fellowships support students pursuing either PhD or DNP degrees. Predoctoral nursing fellows receive tuition, fees, and stipends in exchange for a three-year commitment to teach at a UW System nursing school.

    The predoctoral application deadline for academic year 2014-2015 has passed.  Direct specific inquiries to Gale Barber, MA, at or 608-263-5172.
  • Postdoctoral fellowships provide funding for doctorally prepared nurses to continue their research training and prepare them for the nurse faculty role. Fellows will work with an established nurse researcher, participate as a member of the research group, and may complete additional specialized courses. Postdoctoral fellows receive a one-year fellowship with benefits in exchange for a three-year teaching commitment at a UW System nursing school.

    Application Information: Complete the postdoctoral application. As part of the application, applicants will be asked to provide a list of training goals/objectives, potential faculty mentors, and proposed activities to achieve the goal/objective (i.e., classes, workshops, conferences, collaborative manuscripts, grant applications, teaching experiences).

    Direct specific inquiries to Kristine Kwekkeboom, PhD, RN, at or 608-263-5168.
  • Faculty loan forgiveness is an incentive to attract new faculty with a PhD or DNP degree. This program will repay up to $50,000 of the new hire’s students loans in exchange for a three-year teaching commitment.

    Find career opportunities in the School of Nursing; loan forgiveness is negotiated as part of the offer of employment.
    Direct specific inquiries to Gale Barber, MA, at or 608-263-5172.