Diane R. Lauver

Phofo of Professor Lauver
(608) 263-5286

PhD, University of Rochester; Nursing
Post–Doc, University of Pennsylvania; RWJ Clinical Nurse Scholar
MSN, University of Rochester; Nursing, Women's Health
BSN, Vanderbilt University; Nursing

Diane Lauver studies why people do or do not engage in selected health-related behaviors. With experience as a nurse practitioner in primary care, Professor Lauver is focusing her research on health-related behaviors. Currently, she is studying patient-centered interventions to promote primary preventive behaviors (e.g., stress reduction, physical activity, and diet). She is excited about learning how nurses can facilitate individuals in reaching their health goals and improving their health.

Representative Publications

Lauver, D., Worawong, C., & Olsen, C.  (2008).  Health-related goals among primary care patients.  Journal of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 20, 144-154.

Lauver, D., Connolly-Nelson, K., & Vang, P.  (2007).  Health-related goals in cancer survivors after treatment.  Cancer Nursing, 30(1), 9-15.

Lauver, D., Settersten, L., Kane, J., & Henriques, J.  (2003).  Tailored messages, external barriers, & women's utilization of professional breast cancer screening over time.  CANCER, 97, 2724-35.

Lauver, D., Ward, S., Bowers, B., Brennan, P.F., Heidrich, S., Keller, M., Kirchhoff, K., & Wells, T.  (2002).  Patient-centered interventions.  Research in Nursing and Health, 25, 246-255.  [One of most frequently visited articles, per RINAH editor.]

Selected Awards and Honors

University of Rochester, Distinguished Alum of the Year, 2007

Fellow, American Academy of Nursing, 1998